{March 22, 2009}   Liminality and my thoughts:

My understanding of liminality is that it can express geographic space in the sense of religion, cultural practices, the body as well as the mythology of the cultural group. Liminality exsits in groups, but even more specific groups that are determined by individuals through their identities and the traditional beliefs. Liminality is also a pattern of life as it is stated in Turner’s reading.  It is also mentioned in the Turner readin that liminality is a symbolic action found in societies through “cultural performances”, and that rituals separate specific members of society from everyday life. 

So the initiation of the KKK’s or and initiation into a Fraternity for instance can all part a part of liminality since they are going through a state of change, from one stage of life to another, as entering the passage way through the pre-liminal stage and exiting into the post-liminal stage. So am i right?? or would it have to be something more ritual say something religious like a Baptism…?


{March 11, 2009}   tuesday’s lecture

On Tuesday i found it quiet surprising about the way i reacted when i watch each cultural group take part in their ritual acts. For instance, i just kept saying to myself that i would never do anything to that would put myself in harms way just to be accepted into society (the initiation with ants), or i will not let  males dominate the ritual acts because i believe women are just as equal… But after listening to everyone talk about differences they found throughout the videos and as well as in our country New Zealand, i came to understand, that ritual acts are defined by that specific cultural group or society and that i might find strange and unacceptable of what they are doing in their society, but it might be appropriate and acceptable in their society, due to their strong belief in the practice as wel as the fact that it has been around for many years and has always worked for them.

I guess its different in every culture and society and that our beliefs and values are what make us practice and take part in such rituals, even though they may see strange to a outsider.

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